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Ab belt

For that toned midrift - the ab belt is one of those miracle products that you see advertised everywhere but you never see and yor friends never seem to have. However, scientific evidence proves that your abdominals can benefit from an ab belt. What they don't tell you is that you also have to put in a little bit of work to exercise and to eat more healthily.

But which ab belt is gong to be right for you. With prices ranging from 25 they are not going to break the bank so should you buy one online now? The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are going to keep using the belt - because if you are then your muscles will be worked out, it's what you do with the skin and fat covering your tummy muscles that will count on the beach.

Toning belts are probably best known by the brand Slendertone, however there are a number of other leading brands on the market including The Flex Belt and Bodi-Tek. We have reviewed the individual products which you can access via the links on the left. You can buy online as well read reviews and more through our dedicated website.

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