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Bodi-Tek Ab Belts

Used by athletes as well as mums and dads, the Bodi-Tek toning belt and ab belts are great for staying trim and getting your ab muscles in shape. You can get a firm and toned stomach and improve your six pack, especially if you use in conjunction with a low fat eating plan.

The Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt uses what's called faradic wavelengths to help tone and firm up your muscles. You can choose the best program for you (of the 6 on offer) and work your way through them as you use the product more and get used to it. You can achieve quite noticeable results pretty quickly.

As a toning belt, the Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt has a 6 program unit that is specifically created to ensure everyone can achieve a more toned and hardened abdominal midriff.

So why choose the Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt?

  • It shapes, firms and tones your tummy
  • It improves muscle strength in your abs
  • It provides fast and effective toning
  • Is suitable for men and women
  • You can wear it under clothing
  • Has 6 programmes
  • One size of belt fits everyone (waist 24"-47")
  • Is 100% portable - so take it on holiday!
  • You get Conductive Gel and batteries included
  • So if you are thinking of a toning belt, why not check whether this is a good alternative to Slendertone!


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