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Sometimes our ever changing technology comes up with a real winner, and one shining example is EMS, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation, exemplified in the Slendertone system of muscle toning and trimming. The technology is based on the use of electrical currents that cause involuntary, regular contraction of muscles in various areas of the body, similar to the effects of mild to strenuous exercise.

EMS therapy has been used in the medical profession for years, and now it is available to anyone interested in improving muscle strength and tone without a lot of hard work. The Slendertone system offers several options including workouts for the upper body, abdomen, arms and thighs, and can be used in conjunction with other exercise or just during everyday activity.

Since the repeated contraction and relaxing of muscles increases body temperature, heart rate and metabolism, the body is burning fat as well as strengthening the targeted muscle groups. The advantages of this process are tremendous, especially for those who have physical or time constraints. A major advantage for many Slendertone users is its ability to give the body a workout even though the user is not 'working out'.

Another advantage of this technology is that it stimulates and strengthens muscles that are not usually involved in normal activity or even in specific exercises. For example, the deepest of the abdominal muscles, which wrap the abdomen like a corset and support the lower back, are very difficult to employ during normal exercise. The Slendertone system can safely and effectively strengthen and develop these muscles to protect against strained muscles from heavy lifting and similar activities.

Slendertone employs flexible belts containing specially designed gel pads that conduct electrical impulses to the nerves controlling muscle movement. These impulses are the same as those generated by the brain when you want to move or flex your muscles. With EMS the impulses are involuntary but controlled by the user for the desired level of stimulation, ranging from very mild to very intense. The system is designed to build up muscle strength and firmness gradually, without the need for strenuous physical activity.

If there is a drawback to this approach to fitness, it is not in the design but in the use. The manufacturers strongly suggest that a healthy diet and lifestyle are essential if you expect to reap the full benefit of their products. Like any other route to a fitter, healthier body, consistency and determination are required if you want the best results.

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