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Slimming belt

There are a number of slimming belt brands on the market. From the world's best known toning belt - the Slendertone - through to new pretenders. But do you know what they are, why they can work and whether they are right for you. If you think you are going to get fit with a toning belt then you may well be in the wrong place.

A slimming belt works through electrical stimulation of the muscles in your abs or thighs. With most slimming belt models you can set the level of stimultion to some degree so it shouldnt' be uncomfortable for you when wearing the pads. By stimulating the muscles you are making them contract and uncontract and therefore over time you strengthen the fibres in the muscle and your muscles become stronger.

The one thing a slimming belt will struggle with is any excess fat you have! Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and some other forms of exercise you will start to lose body fat and therefore will benefit from more toned abs. If you want to see an improved midrift, then this could be one of th eways with which you could achieve this. Why nto read our opther pages for more information.

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